Systems Automation

The number of deployed systems in Internet operations can be daunting. How can your team maintain consistency in an environment that is constantly growing and evolving? The world of the System Administrator has fundamentally changed – your team needs to provide not only traditional administration, but needs to provide an automation and deployment framework that is core to company success. It’s the DevOps way, and it’s a requirement in today’s Internet companies.

Saffron Solutions provides Linux systems automation and administration services, enabling scale and reliability for your operation. We can help:

  • Remove barriers to software updates and patches
  • Increase release velocity through development and production environments
  • Reduce downtime by ensuring standardized, correct configurations across many systems
  • Reduce costs by acting as a force multiplier for your technical operations and development teams.
  • Train your teams to live and breathe automation, ensuring you can continue to scale as your success continues
  • Optimize performance of systems and applications through hardware and software configuration recommendations.